An overdue update!

Apologies for the loooonnnnggg radio silence!

Here’s a few assorted bits and bobs I’ve been up to:

Sugar Free Farm Series 2 has just started on ITV this week – this year features the wonderfully motley crew of Peter Davison, Anne Widdecombe, Joe Pasquale, Alison Hammond, Gemma Collins and Stavros Flatley. As ever, it was a great experience working with the guys at Liberty Bell making the show.



I was really honoured to be nominated for a Production Music Award in the Best Score track category for “Bell Boy Ballet” which features on Cavendish’s Dark Quirky Orchestral album. I didn’t win, but I had a fabulous time at the very swanky event, drank lots of champagne and got the opportunity to meet lots of awesome people.

I wrote the music for this wonderfully bonkers Costa Coffee ad featuring Javone Prince:

Here’s some big news in our household – I finally managed to impress my six year old daughter! She has frankly unreasonably high standards, so it’s not easy to do, but it turns out that a promo for Disney’s latest “Princess Elena of Avalor” WILL do the trick.


I’m continuing to work with the fine folk at Skygoblin on The Journey Down 3 – it’s fantastically eclectic musically (from 80’s action movie to reggae to John Williams to Afrobeat and more), and they ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign which raised extra money for session musicians on the soundtrack – see what I mean about fine folk?! We’re working on the last section of the game now, and once that’s done I can’t wait to get into the studio with my awesome team of musicians.

The last few months have seen lots of interesting placements for my music on TV too – promos for House of Cards in Germany & Marvel’s “The Fantastic Four” in the US, a Holland & Barrett advert for the UK, Top Gear, Spanish Ninja Warrior and plenty of sports, including World Cup Cricket, Sky Sports Football, WWE and some more surprising ones such as Ski Jumping.


The next few months see me continuing on TJD3, working on a touring arena show (which I’m very excited about, but can’t talk about yet) and several production music albums including a new trailer album and a rare but welcome trip into some pop songwriting and production! I’m also hoping to visit Vienna for the first time for an orchestral recording which is very exciting.

And once in a while I get out of the darkness of my studio and emerge blinking into the daylight to play with this lovely lot. If you were thinking of asking me to score your film, don’t worry it won’t sound like 70’s jazz-funk-fusion….unless you want it to of course!

Judy Garland Promo on TCM Movies

A lovely creative use of my track “Rippling and Rising” from Cavendish Music’s “Cinematic Pop Rock” album for the Judy Garland Star of the Month Promo on TCM.

Blood & Gold – BBC4

I’ve just heard one of my tracks is being used as the main theme for “Blood & Gold” presented by Simon Sebag Montefiore on BBC4.

Blood and Gold BBC4

Here’s the iPlayer link which will be available until 7th January 2016.

It’s used for the opening and closing title sequences, from 0:00 – 3:00 and 57:40 to the end.

Many thanks to EMI Production Music, and Andy Drudy who features on guitar.

Here’s the original track:

Sugar Free Farm – ITV1

I’m currently enjoying scoring three 60 minute episodes of factual reality show “Sugar Free Farm” for ITV1, produced by Liberty Bell Productions and directed by Rod Williams.

The Dead End

I recently finished the soundtrack to the surreal and magical feature film “The Dead End”, starring Saidah Jules and Aditya Om.

As well as writing the soundtrack it was really to get to co-write and produce a song for the movie with my good friend and awesome vocalist Ayala. I’ll link here when it’s available.

Dead End Poster

“Up All Night” Premiere

Huge crowds at the “Up All Night” premiere last week! It was great fun to walk down the red carpet with my fellow composers Banks & Wag – I particularly enjoyed the disappointed looks and sounds of fans getting excited….and then realising we weren’t famous.

No official photographs of us sadly….I can only assume that we were considered to be to be too handsome?!?

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