Hungarian Studio Orchestra recording sessions.

I’ve been lucky enough to record live strings and brass with the fantastic Hungarian Studio Orchestra in Budapest several times recently.

They’re a great group and a joy to work with – highly recommended for anyone doing orchestral recording.

This week I did my first session via Skype – it’s not as exciting as flying out in person but on the flip side it does mean you’re allowed to wear your slippers for the session. Swings and roundabouts….



The Journey Down: Chapter Two

The Journey Down: Chapter Two is a wonderful retro point ‘n’ click adventure game made by the fine folks at Skygoblin.

I came onto the project in tragic circumstances – my dear friend Simon D’Souza composed a fabulous score on the first chapter, but sadly passed away before he could finish his work on Chapter Two. Simon had recommended me to finish the job and I’m grateful he did, as it was great fun working on the game, and I hope to be involved for TJD3.

As you can see below, the game is doing wonderfully well so far!

Here’s an interview I did with Theo, creator of the TJD series.

And here’s the album, featuring 13 of Simon’s tracks and 2 of mine.

TJD2 review accolades

New website!


…and welcome to my new website!

So…new website….blog….news and things, here goes: there are lots of lovely creative things happening at the moment. I’m just putting the finishing touches to a top-secret game for Microsoft (shhh, don’t tell anyone!), The Journey Down Part 2 ( has just released, I’m working on albums for Twisted Jukebox and Imagem/Cavendish…and some other top secret exciting stuff that I could tell you about….but then I’d have to kill you, which would be a terrible way to start my first ever blog on my new website, so I won’t.

Hope you enjoy the site – please do feel free to leave any comments and questions, or get in touch.

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