Vienna, Budapest and London

I’ve had a lovely busy few weeks recording in first, Vienna, then Budapest and finally back in London.

Here’s some footage from the incredible Synchron Stage studio in Vienna – originally built by Hitler.

We recorded with 16 strings from the Max Steiner Orchestra who were fantastic as you’ll hear:

We recorded quintet for another project in Air-Edel in London, which is a great room for strings. It’s been lovely to work with these smaller sized groups (16 in Vienna, 5 in London) as you can really get into the detail and give the players some more room to express themselves than in a larger orchestral size.

This video also features featuring my lovely but nutty daughter. It was fun to take her along to her first session!


Of course these are only half the production – there’s piano, ethnic guitars, synths and all sorts of extra layers to add to these…I’ll post the results when they’re finished.

I’ve just booked in another session in Budapest for early next year, so I have another one to look forward to. I’d better get to work writing some music for it!